Bentley Continental Supersports

The Bentley Continental Supersports (2010)

It’s called the Bentley Continental Supersports. The fastest most outlandish car Bentley had ever made. It’s lighter, no rear seat and he sofas up front are now racing buckets. There is carbon on the dash rather than walnut. The result is dramatic with the car weighting now just… two and a quarter tons. About the same as a three bedroom terraced house.

But need not worry. The Bentley as more than enough power to deal with the bulk. The engines develops 621 hp, and powers you from 0 to 60 in 3.7 sec and a maximum speed of 204 mph. It’s fast and heavy and… spooky. It’s quiet, with all the luxury you would expect from a Bentley but it changes direction like a proper sportscar “an elephant with the reflex of the water boatman” and breaks that can tear your face off.

Of course you can make it misbehave if you go way too fast but even then the computer will step in, send power to the front wheel to get you back on track. Clarkson’s verdict? It’s turning an ocean liner into a speed boat. The Bentley Continental Supersports still feels very big and very heavy. So big and so heavy it can shred its own tyre. So if you want to spend £160k on a speedboat… go by yourself an Aston Martin DBS.