The BAC Mono

“BAC Mono is from Cheshire so I expected an awful onyx car with fake pillar. I was wrong. It’s sensational.”

– Jeremy Clarkson


The single central-seat gave the BAC Mono designers and project engineers the ultimate blank canvas on which to assemble their dream. The organic, enclosed front and exposed mechanical rear typifies the unique appearance of BAC Mono. The design aesthetic is intended to combine sculpted, sleek, organic forms to provide an emotional, human connection juxtaposing the technical, mechanical elements of the car.

While this vision runs throughout the BAC Mono’s appearance it was fundamental to our designers that form follow function on all aspects of the car. The necessity to gain access to the central driving position and adjustable dampers as well as providing clean airflow to the radiators and engine are just some of the factors on which Mono’s architecture is built.