The Top Gear boys Crossing the Channel

This is Top Gear’s Hilarious challenge where the boys attempt to cross the Channel to France in their brilliant but useless homemade amphibious cars.

It is a third attempt, with the sea much calmer, the Top Gear boys are determined: they will make it to France. Richard and James now navigate together while Jeremy Clarkson, in the spirit of the seas guns it and leaves them behind. Behind and in trouble. In such trouble in fact that Jeremy eventually has to turn back, pick up Richard and James and retreat once again to Dover.

In an historic fourth attempt, the 3 men in a boat go not only for France but for Richard Branson record: crossing the channel in an amphibious car in less than one hour, forty minutes and 6 seconds. Beardy Branson… are you going down?

Amazingly the pick up boldly makes its way across the channel, trying to avoid big scary boats and taking on a lot of water.

Will France welcome 3 more immigrants? 3 idiots?

Series 10, Episode 2