The Zonda Cinque

The Zonda Cinque:

Richard Hammond had to put his hands on the £1M Zonda Cinque. Yes that is a lot of money, but this is no ordinary Zonda. The one where the volume really goes to 11. Sure this is yet an other explosive good bye to the Zonda – but just look at it! This was not Richard’s absolute favourite supercar for no good reasons. And when you put your foot down the 7.3 litre v12, 677 bhp roars to hit the maximum speed of 220mph. Nothing else on four wheels has the same sense of the crazy. This is the pure expression of what a supercar should be. Just listen to the noise of the Zonda Cinque!

…And there is the stopping power. From 125 mph to nothing in 4.3 sec! And it’s not all down to breaks. The Cinque is 40 kilogram lighter than a regular Zonda. The suspension is made titanium and magnesium, the body is made out of “carbotanium“, a mix of carbon fiber and titanium. In Hammond’s words:  “A car like this is THE bedroom wall pin up for the 21rst century!”


More on the Pagani Zonda Cinque:

In order to satisfy the downforce requirements of 750kg at 300kph, the Cinque features a larger front splitter, an adjustable rear wing as well as a modified underbody and rear diffuser. The intakes for brake ducts increase the airflow to brake disks and wheel hubs.

The air scoop on the central carbo-titanium monococque feeds the 678hp Mercedes-AMG V12 powerplant. Up to 780Nm are unleashed on the bespoke Pirelli Pzero tyres. For the first time ever in a Zonda a sequential 6 speed gearbox is installed. The adaptive gearbox demands no compromises from the driver, offering lightning fast gearshifts and comfortable use in heavy traffic.

Having become a public issue only recently, fuel economy and efficiency have been grappled with since the mid 1990s at Pagani, its engineers constantly developing new technologies and materials to reduce the weight of their cars. A composite fibre, carbon-titanium, a development by Pagani, has been purposely created for the Zonda Cinque and find its use in future generations of Pagani vehicles.

Forged monoblock aluminium wheels, bolts and nuts are realised in titanium to significantly reduce the unsprung masses. The fully adjustable ergal shock absorbers with titanium springs have been developed at Öhlins according to the latest technologies and to the Pagani specifications.